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Research & Projects

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Deep Single Image Manipulation

GAN-based method for image manipulation tasks using a single image dataset

Unpaired Learning for
High Dynamic Range
Image Tone Mapping

Yael Vinker, Inbar Huberman, Raanan Fattal

  • Unsupervised GAN based approach for HDR tone mapping

  • The method produce artifact-free LDR renditions of highly challenging HDR images

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End-to-end single image
generators without GANs 

Using non-adversarial methods to train generative models from a single image

MyWay- Smart Signs

T-Hack, multidisciplinary hackathon of the Technion, “smart cities” challenge


We created a smart road sign prototype which connects to the driver's navigation system and shows him only the correct driving direction, using light polarization (LCD) technology​

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